Portable Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is a great option to free ourselves or minimize its effects, and one of the possibilities on the market is the portable equipment that is increasingly present in this site. Our range of portable air conditioner is ideal for you to take it any room and enjoy a pleasant climate, you may be considering buying one if you have never had one of these cooling to your home or outdoor place, some of the main features of our portable air conditioners are: dehumidifiers, wall mounted, standing on the floor, with duct spot AC and mini portable air conditioners styles.


Our portable air conditioners can be rented on an extended term and a short basis for people who may not be able to afford to buy a new one, this will help companies make budgets and expenses easy. The portable air conditioner we offer has cooling capacities of three 5 to 6 tons, can be rented, mostly rented by organizers of functions and events such as soccer match, performance, wedding, industry, temporary business, warehouse and many more wheeled away at future locations. We help for business units to maintain their needs and get the maximum comfort and affordable price from the rental service.