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Misting /Fogging

We install mist water features and foggy effect that could described as a fog water or mist water. We are offering for a site visit to see the specific where it is required, the water spray created by different sizes of nozzles it creates intrigue and becomes a point of attraction adding immensely to your plant area, garden, pools, theme parks, zoos and public spaces. Our misting and fogging systems are designed to operate with very low costs and with a minimum maintenance and achieve results in even the most challenging environments.

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Water air coolers

Summers and humid is irritating and it’s time to buy an air cooler for our cooling needs, with so many options we have available and it's not just an air cooler we offered but water air cooler, it is more powerful air-cooling systems. They are made up of a fan, a water tank, a water pump and a plastic or pressed cardboard panel through which we circulate both the water and the air flow. The combination of water and air is the art technology to bring cool and fresh air at any time of the day or night, we sell it at affordable cost, the advantages of our air cooler for sale are that they are very easy to install and they save their users more than half of their energy charges.

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Portable Air conditioners

Air conditioning is a great option to free ourselves or minimize its effects, and one of the possibilities on the market is the portable equipment that is increasingly present in this site. Our range of portable air conditioner is ideal for you to take it any room and enjoy a pleasant climate, you may be considering buying one if you have never had one of these cooling to your home or outdoor place, some of the main features of our portable air conditioners are: dehumidification, wall mounted, standing on the floor, with duct spot AC and mini portable air conditioners styles.

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We are supplying, designing and delivering all outdoor cooling with best quality, outdoor air coolers, misting fans, portable ac, high pressure fog and misting systems and we offer this services to industrial facilities, grow facilities, landscapes, architectural settings, theme parks, patios, resorts, hotels, architectural settings, personal and commercial use. No one can beat us, we provide options for size, performance and we focus as much on the design process as we do on misting and fog installations.

The fields of activity we have are the following: water air coolers, portable air conditioners, misting/fogging systems (our own engineering is also available for the design, study and project phases) both rental and sales, we offered services within the activities indicated, are those installations and assemblies, as well as maintenance and technical assistance.

Our goal is to provide a variety of outdoor cooling commercial and industrial products and services that meet market needs and contribute to environmental sustainability and help our clients benefit more. safe and convenient.