Misting / Fogging

We install mist water features and foggy effect that could described as a fog water or mist water. We are offering for a site visit to see the specific where it is required, the water spray created by different sizes of nozzles it creates intrigue and becomes a point of attraction adding immensely to your plant area, garden, pools, theme parks, zoos and public spaces. Our mist and fog systems systems are designed to operate with very low costs and with a minimum maintenance.


Misting and fogging rental can be can use in all sorts of events, mist fan rental is we offer as well and portable misting kits, it can be fitted on patio or tents suitable for any outdoor cooling event and we will design to meet any customer need, such as races, festival, concerts, marathons and other popular events. Our pick-up location is conveniently located in Dubai. We also provide delivery service as needed and additional Set up costs may apply Delivery set up & pickup apply over 30 miles.