A Dubai outdoor Party is no good without our Outdoor Coolers Rentals 


An outdoor party is a great way of keeping your guest entertained. You have more space to have fun and relax as you enjoy the sceneries that nature has given to us. However, if you are hosting them under a tent and especially over summer in Dubai, extreme heat might make your guests not to enjoy the party. To make sure they have maximum fun and lasting memories of the party, cooling equipment will be a good investment like outdoor coolers (evaporative cooling machines, swamp or wet air coolers). Buying a outdoor cooler is a good idea but not cost effective if you will be using it only once in a year. Outdoor cooler rental is a great idea if you host parties once in a while. There are two options that you can go for. 


Options for Outdoor Party Cooling equipment 


  • Portable Air Conditioners  

 These are popular for weddings and other events where you have many guests because they have a high cooling capacity. They can be placed outdoor or indoor depending on the space available and personal preferences. However, the large portable cooling air conditioners cannot be placed indoors because of noise and obvious space constraints. The small size portable air conditioner coolers can be located inside the tent. A single larger machine may fail and therefore messing you up. Therefore when considering outdoor party cooling rentals, it is advisable that you ask for two or three smaller units to provide for redundancy.  

 Another thing you might need to put into consideration is the heat load that you expect. Factors that determine the heat load include the temperature, number of guest expected, type of activity and time of the event.  Depending on the above factors, you may have to go for the larger machine because it has a higher cooling capacity than a small unit. A limitation of an air conditioner for outdoor party cooling is that they might not work with the standard residential power. Therefore you might have to plan for high power capacity. They are also expensive compared to the other options.   


 These evaporative outdoor air coolers, require water and a hose pipe to provide automatic water filling. Alternatively, you can keep adding water as long as you monitor the water level in the air cooler’s tank. They use a fan to pull the air in the room. These are much more cost effective and simple compared to the air conditioning equipment. Use of standard fan means they can work with the residential power, so you don’t have to plan for high voltage power. The major limitation with these is that they don’t offer high performance like the air conditioning cooler.  

 They are also not comfortable because you have to keep adding water and monitoring the water levels. They cannot be used in areas where water is scarce, and therefore they might not support you when you are in an area with no water. 



 When you are hosting a party, the goal is to enjoy and have fun. To avoid discomfort, you need a reliable outdoor cooler to make sure you have peace of mind whenever you and your friends want to have fun. 

A better option, for long term use, could be to consider buying & keeping an outdoor cooler for your patio. Please take a look at our portable outdoor coolers at home page :

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