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Why Patio Heaters?

Patio heaters are a useful addition to your house in order to keep your guests warm and comfortable. Traditional heaters such as a fire pit can demand a lot of attention. A fire pit emits smoke that may be disturbing and annoying. Also, fire pits need to be constantly checked over a period of intervals to retain the heat

Why should you replace your fire pits with a patio heater?

Disadvantages of Fire Pits

  • Smoky causing irritation to eyes and nose
  • They emit gasses which when inhaled for a long time may be harmful
  • You cannot control the temperature of a fire pit
  • You need to regularly check it for fire
  • In case the fire is dimming you need to add fuel
  • They are not safe and may prove hazardous
  • They are a lot of work and not easy to clean

Every disadvantage of a traditional fire pit is overcome by a patio heater

  • They do not blow hot air or smoke. They only warm the surroundings
  • They do not emit any harmful gasses. They are Eco – Friendly
  • You may control and set the temperature
  • You need not recheck it multiple times.
  • No need for fuel. You simply need to plug it to electricity
  • They are safe and sturdy.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain

Patio Heaters in Dubai Come In Style

patio heater type 1

Patio Heater

Winter Season in Dubai

No one takes Dubai high-temperature weird. Even so, Dubai due to its geographical location also has a short period of winter within a year. Only comes in a very short period, it is possible for some not to prepare so well to welcoming for this season, especially tourists that do not get the warning.  But do not worry, since it is not called Dubai without its hospitality and facility.

Wherever you are at outdoor or indoor, heaters will be ready for you as long as you or your place makes it available. And, since Dubai is a very right place to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, do not let go opportunities and moment to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view from the outdoor patio, while patio heaters in Dubai will let you get cool without getting chilled out in a fantastic chilling Dubai temperature in of winter.

Do not get wrong the beautiful sculpture near you. Outdoor heaters are not just beautiful decorative items; Maybe, they are also heaters that work wonders under the low temperature that chill out almost anything. Get tricked out by its beauty and style and thinking it was anything else? No wonder since they are patio heaters in Dubai.


2.1kW Tilting Freestanding Electric Halogen Patio Heater


Offers both warmth and light

– Anodized expelled aluminum amalgam outline with stainless steel shaft

– Easy gathering framework

– Stable overwhelming base

– Color: aluminum silver


– Diameter: 45cm (1ft 6ins)

– Height: 1.7m (5ft 7ins) – 2.08m (6ft 10ins)

– Power: 220-240V, 2100W

– 3m force string

patio heater

        Patio Heater

We all affection to host a beverage or a get-together in the greenery enclosure, however some of the time it just gets too cold outside. This super 2100W infrared warmer gives focused on warmth in a flash by utilizing low recurrence waves while its brushed stainless steel configuration keeps up its exemplary appearance.

13KW Steel outdoor Gas Patio Heater

A standout amongst the most intense and viable outdoor patio heaters available today, the outdoor gas Patio Heater tosses out up to 13KW of warmth to keep you and your visitors decent and warm at gatherings, BBQ’s, meals and the sky is the limit from there.

Essential INFORMATION – this porch radiator is intended for the gas weight of 37mbar. This is the basic standard in Dubai, the porch warmer ought not to be utilized with diverse weight gas unless a suitable controller is joined. This unit is supplied with a controller for UAE gas bottles just – different nations may require diverse regulators. In case the unit is left outside and the soil gets in the pilot light – please clean the unit to light once more.


Patio Heater

Patio Heater – it is also known as a mushroom or umbrella heater a kind of home appliance for generating thermal radiation for outdoor / open air use.

A powerful Patio Heater is very useful for your outdoor loving lifestyle during cool winter months, when you are entertaining with your family or friends in outside of your house.

When you are not using the heater, you can use the included burner cover to protect the heating component and the heat reflector from the weather conditions.

On a top of a post or a placement, a burner burns liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and the flames against a perforated metal screen. The temperature is radiated from the surface of the screen in a rounded pattern just about the appliance. Above the burner a reflector reflects heat. Because the reflecting cover is usually silvered which makes it a poor emitter of heat but outstanding at reflecting infra-red radiation. This function reduces maximum amount of heat.

Now Patio heaters become very popular and fashionable in bars and restaurants. Because the authority of this business, they extend their areas for their customers to sit outdoors. This environmental effect increases the popularity of the patio heater.