Outdoor Cooling in Dubai


During the summer season in Dubai. You need a system designed for your comfort and that will cool your outdoor living area. An outdoor cooling will help you get the best of the summer experience. And at the same time help you to overcome the overwhelming summer heat outside. For an outdoor cooling adventure, you have two options, misting fans, and outdoor coolers. They are portable coolers for fast, effective and efficient outdoor cooling. They also create outdoor comfort. By installing outdoor coolers you can conquer the difficulties or problems associated with heat quickly, efficiently and effectively. Many of us cannot relax and enjoy our veranda areas on hottest days because of intense summer heat.


Misting fans and outdoor coolers are very popular amongst other coolers, the two are well-known for its capability to understand and respond to the hot temperature outside, they can completely eliminate or decrease the harsh hot temperature outdoor. Which one will really keep you cool? You choose the one that works best in your outdoor living area because the two has different features. But it makes sense if you could compare before considering which one to choose.


Outdoor cooling decreases the summer temperature and keeps your space war. So, having misting fans or outdoor coolers in Dubai is very important. Outdoor coolers are designed to provide comfort where high summer temperature are beyond endurance. A well designed outdoor cooler system makes a great addition to your business and home. Cooling your outdoor space, open factory or warehouse, protecting your staff and livestock from heat stress can be a costly task. The quality of service you get depends on the type of outdoor air coolers you chose and apart from outdoor coolers great appearance, it is more about the air quality that is produced.


Our Exceptional Cost-effective Outdoor Cooling Services

We provide exceptional cost-effective outdoor cooling for residential, industrial, hospital, agricultural and commercial application. That you can depend on to provide a solution in cooling the surrounding area to create clean refreshing air and cool your open air outdoor areas. If you need outdoor cooling anywhere in Dubai, our company can provide you with the ultimate leading outdoor cooling system to keep you cool with a refreshing breeze.


We offer the best outdoor cooling system coupled with a complete line of innovative outdoor cooling products with extensive technical experience. Our company specializes in renting customized mobile outdoor coolers with full installation service within Dubai for outdoor events. And we are highly effective in cooling high profile venues such as festivals, entertainment, international sports events, five-star hotels, resorts, popular restaurants, bars, and famous parks, etc.


Custom Designed Cooling System

Our outdoor cooling systems are custom designed and integrated the cooling system. That will cool your covered outdoor areas without the air constantly heavy with moisture or cover everything with moisture. Our outdoor cooling system makes use of flash evaporation to cool the air and drop the ambient temperature almost 10-30 degrees. As the mist evaporates and flash evaporation occurs, the surrounding heat is absorbed causing the temperature to drop. An Outdoor cooling system cools the surrounding air instantly and each outdoor cooling system is custom built with superior quality for your beautiful outdoor area and will provide a cool comfortable environment, even in the intense summer heat.


But we provide the finest outdoor cooling system available on the market today. Our outdoor cooling kits are readily deliverable within Dubai and are easily installed, the systems are packaged into kits that have everything you need for easy and successful installation and the kits has a complete detailed DIY (do it yourself) instruction manual with every information you need to assist you in installing your system.


outdoor cooling in dubai

Outdoor Cooling in Dubai



Features of our Outdoor Cooling System


  • Flash evaporation occurs
  • Keep you fresh and do not we
  • Prevents moisture
  • Absence of wetting or dripping
  • Reduce the air temperature by up 15-degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius
  • Minimum running cost
  • Does not rely on too much water source but low water usage
  • Low maintenance
  • High-quality pressure misting systems that cool your outdoor living area



We offer highly effective outdoor cooling services in Dubai. We are highly effective and efficient when it comes to anything associated with outdoor cooling services. Just in case you require an outdoor cooler, do no choose the one with the evaporative system because it will give you bad quality air, and sometimes instead of providing clean air, it tends to create bad smells.


Furthermore, if you have a close relative or acquaintance with asthma, you should avoid air coolers with the evaporative system. The better option you have is to choose misting fans. It is more energy efficient compared to other outdoor air coolers. Misting fan is very flexible to move and it does not swallow much space. If other outdoor cooler relies on a water source, misting fan will not.