Ahh, the great outdoors. So much to discover, so much to explore. Nature is wonderful, isn’t it? Apart from being eaten alive by a huge grizzly bear, it sure is! in this era of being glued to your phones and couches indoors, the world of outdoors is indeed magnificent.  Electricity may betray us in power outs, but the constant cold breezes along with the stars that twinkle all night long without a power cable always stays. That’s why outdoor activities such as camping is so common. Fathers usually go camping with their children and actually bond. Hence, the main reason outdoors is so adored is the peace and quietness they offer. So, one might think, why not adjust our needs since we’re going to be there for a while? 

Outdoor Heating

When it gets too cold out there, there needs to be a solution. Outdoor or patio heaters provides this solution without any major trouble, given that the people who wish to be affected should stay in a substantially enclosed space. Heating is carried out in numerous ways, such as conduction, radiation, and convection. Heating through conduction is carried out when heat moves from material to material, such as in patio heaters when heat is moved from the flames to the metal and then to the air around it. Heating through convection is when thermal energy is transferred from one place to another by the means of migrating fluids such as water and air when they are heated. Convection heaters use this strategy. This comes in handy since the directed outdoor space contains air which can create convection currents in that area. Heating through radiation is carried out by infra-red radiation which is possessed by everything. Outdoor heating using radiation is by far the most common of the three. Such as the old fashion camp fire! Infra-red radiation does not need a medium such as air to travel, thus, it can occur in outer space as well. Our natural outdoor heater includes our very own Sun! 

Outdoor cooling

Similarly, when it gets too hot out there, there needs to be a solution. Evaporative Outdoor Coolers provides this solution without any major trouble too. While air conditioners are famous for cooling, they unfortunately become null outdoors. Luckily, a similar equipment known as swamp, wet or evaporative air coolers do the trick for us. In fact, that is one of the many differences between an air conditioner and an outdoor air cooler. Instances such as while grilling, it becomes too hot due to the radiation from the grill. In this case, a portable outdoor air cooler could be positioned in that direction and provide ease for all the people there. Outdoor evaporative air coolers are known well for their efficiency and cost friendliness. Just like their name suggests, they heat water and accelerate its evaporation rate which then causes the air around it to cool down significantly without using complex and expensive equipment. 

Too bad when back in ancient times people had no choice but to live outdoors, they weren’t very fortunate to experience this tech. 


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