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We will discuss here some technical details about outdoor cooling using misting systems, It is for information only.

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*We will discuss a farm misting case as example, It could be a pool, park, outdoor event or any patio*



Design parameters to be controlled on any type of farm to ensure an integral control of the climate and comfort of the animals are the following:

• Temperature

• RH

• Ventilation: flow rate and air velocity

• Illumination

The design values for each type of farm will vary according to the type of animal and age in which it is. Therefore, the technology and systems that are installed in the farms must be adapted to each specific project and need, while providing the best performance and efficiency of installation to obtain the best results.

Design and Execution of integral refrigeration projects, humidification, and ventilation for the following types of farms:

• Poultry farms: laying hens, breeding hens, chickens, turkeys etc.

• Rabbit farms: rabbits, breeding mothers, etc

.• Pig farms: cows, fattening pigs etc.


Depending on the type of farm and needs the most is designed and selected appropriate ventilation system.

There are two alternatives to it:

Overpressure ventilation It is very important to design and select the most appropriate type of fans/extractors, their dimensioning (power, flow etc.), as well as such as their location on the farm and the type of control for their activation/deactivation as required.

Once the most appropriate ventilation system has been selected the Mist-cooling system with our misting nozzles. Among the types of projects being carried out we usually highlight:

1. Fixed Misting nozzle lines strategically installed in the air intakes to the farm from the outside. Ventilation can be natural or forced.

2. Nozzles installed on fixed air blower fans.

3. Mouthpieces installed on fixed rotary air.


The Misting refrigeration-humidification system allows you to obtain the maximum cooling efficiency on your farm, at the same time as minimize costs and increase business productivity. We highlight below the following types of system application misting applied on farms:


Cooling of the farm: obtaining a thermal break up to 14ºC, depending on the temperature and external relative humidity.

Humidification of the farm: up to 50-65% humidity Relative. You can program the maximum humidity values depending on the type of animal and age.


.• Micronized application in the environment of the vaccine farm, cures etc: these can be dissolved/mixed in the suction cup of the water pump. This way the product is applied on the farm uniformly and uniformly, through the system network of fogging.

• Preventive treatments of disinfection etc.: Can be applied any treatment or product soluble in water.

3. Other advantages

• Maximum efficiency, homogeneity, and uniformity in cooling of the system due to the air mixture (2 to 2.5 bar) and water (2 to 6 bar).

• Maximum working safety when working with low air pressure tablet and water.

• Both the droplet size (from 5 microns to 100 microns), as well as the flow by the nozzle (2 to 10ltr / h), can be easily changed by adjusting the pressure of the pump, according to the specific needs of the production farm.

• Cloud range (nozzle working independently) of Up to 8m per nozzle. Thus the cooling effect along the whole farm is homogeneous and uniform and very efficient.

• Maximum reliability of installation operation because of no type of nozzle seal outlet 0.8mm or 1mm).

•Very low installation maintenance.

• Low power and power consumption: approximately 4Kw to 5.5Kw of consumption per farm of dimensions 80m x 12m.

• Easy installation and economical and functional pipe connections: PVC, PE BD, PE AD, aluminum etc.

NOTE: By way of practical example, please note that our Mist nozzle of 0.8mm diameter outer hole has a section 16 times larger than the outlet section of a High pressure ( a type that works at 70bar only water) of 0.2mm outer hole diameter.


Mist Cooling customized a apply component with automated time that would apply just a right amount of apply every 5 minute periods of your time and effort. Our professionals made sure that apply produced would in the same way cover the all the generate and avoid clients and floor from getting wet. NSF approved filter was used to filter the water. In addition, entire apply program utilized non destruction parts to avoid any side effects. This air program was completely automated and allowed generate manger to increase overall department performance while offering the most wonderful and attractive fruits and vegetables to everyday clients.