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Whether you work in a factory, enjoying a family lunch in your garden or playing sports outside, we all realize that the summer heat in Dubai can make its toll. As much individuals like the summer period, the heat can sometimes be excessive. And this makes some people stay indoor for longer time. Individuals think of various types of solutions to battle the heat and couple of things work superior than whipping out a fan to get some air moving. This enhances the situation yet, it’s only warm air being blown around.

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mist fan type 1

Portable Type 1

mist fan type 2




Mist Fan Specifications

Name:Industrial floor Standing Centrifugal Mist Fan Spray Fan Water Fan
Voltage:220-240V / 100-120V
Frequency:50Hz / 60Hz
Flow:0.3 L/min
Volume of tank:30L/40L
Speed:3 shifts
Diameter of Fan Blade:650mm



mist fan type 3

Portable Type 2



Voltage: 220-240V/100-120V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 180-350W
Speed: 900-1400RPM
Airflow: 6000-9000m3/h
Noise: 50-68dB


Misting mode: centrifugal system
Misting drop size: <10μm
Misting capacity: 0-5L adjustable
Water tank: 60 liters
Available area: 60m3
Available distance: 10m
Temperature drop: 4-8 degrees


Fan type: mobile with wheels
Fan size: 20 inch (550mm)
Fan speed: 3 speeds adjustable
Fan height: 1.5m fixed
Fan blade: metal material


The Mist Fan Advantages

This, however, doesn’t have to be the situation as you can make use of an efficient misting fan. There’re various advantages, which comes with the utilization of a misting fan. For a starter, mist fan helps lower the temperatures in the backyard. They make Dubai’s hotter summer period bearable by providing cool mist, which makes you enjoy the climate. Portable misting fans are of benefits to individuals who needs to Mist small areas. With accessories like these, you don’t need to go to crowded hot beach unless you truly wish to.

It is likewise possible to cool big spaces, such as factories and warehouses with misting fans. These products are much bigger and have numerous satellite fans uniformly and deliberately located all through the area that needs cooling.

Low Cost and Portability

They prove to be very helpful because of their low-cost operation and portability. These systems enable you with the capacity to control the conditions inside your greenhouse as per your needs. They’re easy to install and considerably easier to maintain at a very low-cost. The mist fans come out of nozzles that are generally made of brass or plastics. But, plastics are more preferred because they offer more resistance to the salts and minerals, which are found in water.

Control Temperature to Your Liking and Help the Nature

The Misting equipment help in achieving your desired temperatures outdoors. This especially is helpful for greenhouse farming just by providing cool, humid and nice surroundings for the crops. They’re extremely effective as protection against scorching summer and likewise, provide plants with the required moisture. Application of these misting fans also depends on the kind of greenhouse. The percentage of ventilation and shading determine the level, which will be considered to be fitting misting through the greenhouse. Properly laid out shading and ventilation help in saving.

The percentage of ventilation and shading determine the level, which will be considered to be fitting misting through the greenhouse. Properly laid out shading and ventilation help in saving a lot of resources and also help customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the proper development and fulfillment of the plants being tended to. But, that’s not all mist fans can do.

  • Misting fans can likewise be utilized for different purposes other than the cultivation of plants, such as, cooling of outdoor areas and patios.
  • They can also provide the needed boost to productivity and overall health of the plants.
  • Misting fans can likewise be used for administering fertilizers to greenhouse plants. Fertilizers are spread in proper consistency all through and are easily consumed by the plants in this way.
  • These days, misting product is likewise being utilized in a large number of areas, such as shopping centers, outdoor events and other outdoor seating areas, and also inside the home with the assistance of small misting fans.

Mist fans can be install according to your requirements and can be easily customized to suit your specific needs.

Misting Fans vs outdoor coolers in Dubai‘s climate

All misting fans include a 3-speed motor, providing you with great flexibility and cooling options. A cooling fan has to be installed in the right location additionally to minimize space. Well, it can be difficult deciding on the best cooling solution as you might not be knowledgeable about rating and capacity of electronic devices. There are a significant variety to select from, which range from the tiny light weight portable air coolers to the larger ones you always have the option to get one that is suitable for your need and price range. Humidity is a factor as well.

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Common mist fans applications:


Mist Cooling fan setup in Schools and Playground for kids, Playground air, air covering, Greenhouse misting, underhand mist covering , Humidity control.

For schools, each method was developed with children’s’ security in mind. Computerized Digital electronic timers and controllers confident that methods would immediately turn ON/OFF during pre-set break times. Children are now able to enjoy the playground even on the most popular summer time days.