8000CFM Outdoor coolers Features:

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  • 8000 cubic meter per hour airflow.
  • 360-watt powerful motor.
  • New design and good quality plastic enclosure.
  • extra large water tank up to 100 liters storage for a longer run with a single fill.

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Outdoor coolers are the cost-efficient way of handling the steaming and beaming heat of summer in Dubai. I t works by simply absorbing dry air and giving cold air to the surrounding. It is suitable for house, workplaces, etc..,

Think of a situation where you’ve got so much stuff to do outdoors but you really couldn’t bear the heat. Well, no worries outdoor air coolers give you enough cooling for you to feel refreshed and absolutely delighted to stay outdoors.

You can watch your kids play, have some quality time with your friends outdoors, have a get together in your garden and no heat can stop you.

What’s good about Outdoor cooler?

  • Outdoor coolers are environment-friendly.
    • They do not release CFC gas
    • No hazardous emission.
  • An air cooler can be used in open spaces.
  • outdoor coolers consume only about 5-10% electricity compared to air conditioners.
  • Outdoor Air coolers draw, filter and deliver fresh air.

How is it different from air conditioners?

Capital Cost – The capital cost of outdoor air coolers is lower than Air conditioners.

Refrigerants -Water is the refrigerant used by outdoor air coolers, unlike air conditioners which use Polluting Refrigerants.

Maintenance – Maintaining an outdoor air cooler is simple and Cost Effective whereas air conditioners are complex and expensive to maintain.

Portability – Outdoor Air coolers are portable

Emission – outdoor coolers are Eco-friendly and have zero emission. But air conditioners emit harmful CFC and carbon emission.

Outdoor cooler rental make you forget about the heat and enjoy your hot day with a cool and soothing feel. It helps you feel refreshed. What’s more? It is cost efficient and eco-friendly. Make the best summer days ever with outdoor air coolers.


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For indoor swimming pools, the precise temperature will be dependent on the humidity within the building. You would need to manage the high rising temperatures without a decision. The majority of the time, despite a pool heater, it is an impossible task to sustain a temperature in the pool that is best for all swimmers. Another reason people select a Outdor cooler is due to the refrigerant used.

Yearly any function needs this water cooling fan

Annually there seems to be more and more outside activities. Whether taking part festivities, activities or planning a person marriage, more individuals have their time outside. As Springtime and Summer time season strategy you may get requested for by one of your potential customers, “Which is the best way to amazing off my outside event, genuine air fans or evaporative coolers?”

Inactive Chilling System (Evaporative Cooler)

The most everyday sort of non-active awesome works by moving ventilation through a h2o soaked conventional vitamin conventional water decrease pad. This features with an aquarium at the end of the product from which h2o is managed to the top of the product. The h2o goes down this evaporator pad via durability. A fan right before the product attracts air though the soaked pad, thus chilling the air—somewhat similar to a car rad. Methods are often known as evaporative refrigerators, swamp refrigerators, jungles refrigerators or wet air refrigerators.