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We are supplying, designing and delivering all outdoor cooling with best quality, outdoor air coolers, misting fans, portable ac, high pressure fog and misting systems and we offer this services to industrial facilities, grow facilities, landscapes, architectural settings, theme parks, patios, resorts, hotels, architectural settings, personal and commercial use. No one can beat us, we provide options for size, performance and we focus as much on the design process as we do on misting and fog installations.

The fields of activity we have are the following: water air coolers, portable air conditioners, misting/fogging systems (our own engineering is also available for the design, study and project phases) both rental and sales, we offered services within the activities indicated, are those installations and assemblies, as well as maintenance and technical assistance.

Our goal is to provide a variety of outdoor cooling commercial and industrial products and services that meet market needs and contribute to environmental sustainability and help our clients benefit more. safe and convenient.